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Matrimonial Cases

In India,There are various marriage acts based on religion, state and parties who are marrying including Anand Marriage Act, Arya Marriage Validation Act, Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act, Indian Divorce Act, Foreign Marriage Act, Hindu Marriage Act, Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) Application Act, Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act, Special Marriage Act, The Indian Christian Marriage Act etc. The Hindu Marriage Act under section 9 is an Act of the Parliament of India in 1955 as part of the Hindu Code Bills.Aggrieved Women can file Domestic Violence case & can claim right to residence and monitory relief. One aggrieved spouse can file petition under Section 9 of Hindu Marriage Act restitution of conjugal rights to rehabilitate spouse. The 125 CRPC amendments are the codification of the Indian Supreme Court's orders on arrest and the procedures to follow upon arrests. Women, Parents and Daughter can claim maintenance under section 125 CRPC.


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