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Court Marriage in Chandigarh

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Court Marriage in Chandigarh

Advocate Lovkesh Gupta is an court marriage lawyer in chandigarh and deals in court, marriage registration, Love marriage matters. There are different marriage laws for different religions in India.Every citizen having right to follow their religions. There is is Hindu Law for hIndus, sikhs, jains, budhists and there is muslim law for muslims and christian law for christians . The procedure of marriage registration or court marriage is very simple and the marriage can be register without any hurdle. The married couple can file protection petition before competent court of law , if they having any threat of their life and liberty. The marriage can be register without the consent of parents if the bride completed her 18 years of age and the groom completed his 21 years of age. The original age proof and original address proofs of both the bride and groom’s are required for the purpose of marriage registration and four major witnesses are also required and their id’s are also required. The marriage can be reigister at the place where the marriage ceremoies performed and the marriage can be register at the place where bride and grrom resides. No prior notice is required for marriage registration. The marriage can be register in one day.

Punjab Compulsory marriage Act 2012:-

As per Punjab Compulsory Marriage act 2012, The bride and groom can per forme marriage when the bride completed 18 years of age and the groom completed 21 years of age and the marriage can be performed between the Indian Citizens of between indian citizen and Bon resident Indian or between Indian citizen and foreigner or foreign national

Conditions for marriage under Hindu Law:-

Free consultation for court marriage and divorce cases.
Call Now +91 94635 57231

The complete 18 years of age is required for girl ( bride) and the complete 21 years of age of the boy ( groom) is required for marriage as per Hindu Law. As per Hindu Law it is also required that neither party has a spouse living at the time of the marriage. It is also required that at the time of marriage both the bride and groom are capable to give consent for the marriage and they must be capable for giving valid consent they must not be suffering from mental disorder of such a kind or to such an extent as to be unfit for marriage and the procreation of the children. It is also required that parties must not be in any sapinda relationship and must not be within the degrees of prohibited relationship except the custom permits. The bride and groom must be Hindu ( Hindu includes Hindus, Sikhs,Jains, Budhists and Hindus also includes those who are not muslims, christians, jews, parsi).

Conditions for marriage under Muslim Law:-

Muslim marriage is a civil contract between man and woman.

Christian Law:-

Christians can also register their marriage


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