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Court Marriage in Pathankot

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Court Marriage in Pathankot

Advocate lovkesh Gupta is an court marriage. Advocate Lovkesh Gupta is having wide experience in court marriage cases. Advocate Lovkesh Gupta having more than 11 years of experience and he is practicing since september 2008. Advocate Lovkesh Gupta is practicing as per ethics and he is having good reputation. Advocate lovkesh Gupta and his associates provides legal services to its domestic and international Clients.

Marriage can be register in Punjab as per law. . The marriage under Punjab compulsory Marriage Act 2012 can be register at the place where the marriage ceremonies performed and the marriage can also be register at the place where bride and groom resides. The presence of parents and relatives are not required, the marriage can be register without the presence of parents and relatives.. The procedure of Love marriage registration or court marriage is very simple and the marriage can be register without any problem as per law. If the married couple having any threat of their life and liberty then the married couple can file protection petition before competent court of law .The marriage can be register without the consent of parents if the girl completed her 18 years of age and the boy completed his 21 years of age. The original age proof and original address proofs of both the bride and groom’s are required for the purpose of marriage. No prior notice is compulsory to parents and relatives. As per Punjab Compulsory Marriage act 2012, the marriage can be performed between the Indian Citizens or between indian citizen and Nonresident Indian or between Indian citizen and foreigner or foreign national.

Advocate Lovkesh Gupta is an court marriage Lawyer in Punjab and deals in court marriage, marriage registration and love marriage cases.


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